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Teeth Whitening
West Linn, OR

Our teeth are called pearly whites for a reason—a bright smile is seen as a sign of success, attractiveness, and helps boost one’s self confidence. Many people are willing to go to great lengths to get perfectly white teeth and professional teeth whitening, done in a dental office, is a very common cosmetic practice. While it can give you a beautiful smile, there are some important things you need to know about teeth whitening.

Whitening Cannot Replace Routine Cleaning

Human teeth accumulate stains, deposits, and surface build-up that make teeth look yellow and dirty. Surface stains and deposits like this can be cleaned in normal dental visits and usually do not require whitening treatments. Whitening cannot be used to replace routine dental cleanings and checkups.

Tooth Whitening Involves Chemical Processes

Bleaching or tooth whitening involves applying a whitening agent such as hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide to your teeth. These compounds cause a chemical reaction to occur that ends up removing stains and whitening your teeth. Because this is a chemical process—as tempting as those do-it-yourself home whitening kits may be—you should only let your dentist whiten your teeth to avoid possible side effects.

Whitening Can Be Either a Quick or Slow Process

Depending on what sort of treatment you have done, it could take several weeks before you see results. Additionally, you may have to have several visits for whitening before you start to see a whiter smile. Every mouth is different and while one person may have seen results quickly, your teeth may take longer to respond.

Whitening Isn’t Permanent

Once the level of whiteness is achieved the effects do not last forever. You will most likely need to do touch up and re-whitening treatments from there on out to maintain the whiteness level that you desire. It is important to remember that the way you treat your teeth is important because whitening treatments will still stain and discolor from the food and drink and other activities you indulge in.

No Side Effects From Professional Teeth Whitening

When done by a professional who has years of experience, you can be assured that the chances of you suffering from any side effects from the whitening treatments will be slim. Sometimes the gums can become irritated and there may be some sensitivity after the initial treatment, but these reactions are usually mild and short-lived.

All Discolorations And Stains Are Not Amenable To Whitening

Sometimes there are issues with teeth that whitening cannot fix. Issues with the enamel itself, discoloration of the underlying tooth, and excessive stains are examples of problems that cannot be corrected by whitening. Someone who has severe decay or damage to their teeth will see minimal results from teeth whitening. The better you have taken care of your teeth, the better the end results will be for you.

Teeth whitening is becoming a very common cosmetic procedure and though there are options available for you to do this at home, it is always in your best interest to let the professionals handle all of your cosmetic care and procedures. To have your teeth whitened professionally, call our office at (503) 765-9699.
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