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Types of Dental Crowns
West Linn, OR

Image of a dental crown at ZenTech Dentistry in West Linn, OR. Dental crowns work on fixing teeth that have been subjected to a form of damage. It can come from external factors such as trauma which can cause chipped teeth. However, it can also be caused by bacteria that lead to decay.

Luckily, multiple kinds of dental crown materials can be used to replace a damaged natural tooth. The replacement can restore the look and function of the older tooth. For this, ceramic, metal, or a combination can be used. At ZenTech Dentistry, Dr. Frank Sioda and Dr. Sioda can provide you with an examination to determine the extent of damage and administer relevant treatment plans.

Who is a Good Candidate for Dental Crowns?

A dental crown is necessary when you have severely damaged a tooth. If this damage is hindering oral function, dental crowns may be recommended. You can opt for traditional crowns or same day crowns, which get the procedure done faster.
If you have experienced the following, you are a good candidate for dental crowns:
•  You have a damaged or broken tooth
•  You have a large filling which is apparent when you smile
•  You have an exposed tooth following a root canal
•  You have a chipped tooth

What is the Best Material for Dental Crowns?

Before placing dental crowns, our doctors may ask you to choose the material for your crown. The benefits of ceramic crowns can outweigh those of other materials. However, the best crown is one that meets your unique requirements.

The Costs

Different materials cost varying amounts. Getting dental crowns may cost you as little as $500 and as much as $2,500 on average. This figure changes depending on the material you choose. Ceramic or porcelain crowns tend to cost the most. These are followed by metals and metal-ceramic crowns. The most inexpensive dental crowns are made of resin. However, crowns made of resin are not as durable. Keep in mind that the procedure can also increase your costs. If you are getting same day crowns, you may be charged a higher cost for the convenience.

The Function

So, how do you decide between the material of the crowns? One way to determine that is through your requirements and oral anatomy. Ceramics look much better than other materials as they can mimic your natural teeth. They also maintain durability and are cheaper than other metals. If you are looking for an affordable material, it is important not to compromise on durability. Cheaper materials may not last a long time. This means they cost more in the long run.

Explore a Variety of Dental Crowns Today

If you are not getting same day crowns, it might take you more than one appointment to get that perfect smile. At ZenTech Dentistry, our experienced doctors ensure they put your comfort first. Make sure you speak to our doctors about concerns before the procedure begins. Call (503) 765-9699 and explore the variety of dental crowns we offer. Our curated collection matches your needs to the materials available and we form treatment plans accordingly.
Talk to one of our caring patient coordinators today to schedule an appointment.
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