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The Importance Of Dental Impressions

Posted on 10/25/2021 by Dr. Frank K. Sioda
The Importance Of Dental ImpressionsWhen talking about dental impressions, we refer to the molds taken from the patient's oral cavity and that accurately reproduce the hard and soft tissues of the mouth. We use these impressions for the subsequent elaboration of dental prostheses and crowns that the patient requires to complete their oral structure. These impressions must not present bubbles, alterations, defects, or dragging, since they will generate distorted replicas, which will not allow us to obtain the desired product.

Elaboration of Dental Impressions

The preparation of dental impressions is a simple and daily task carried out by our team, giving special importance to the material with which we make the impressions, since the correct choice of material avoids errors in the following treatments. When choosing the material to work with, we guarantee that its components are of low toxicity and little irritation, easy to handle, good consistency and texture, pleasant smell and taste, and with a reasonable setting time.

In addition to the aforementioned, the selected materials must correctly reproduce the tooth surface and provide stability. Due to the characteristics they have and the advantages offered by alginates and silicones, they are the most widely used materials. Another of the instruments used in the elaboration of the molds are the trays, these structures in the form of a dental arch will serve as a base to place the material.

What Is The Function Of Dental Impressions?

They are exact reproductions of the oral cavity from which our laboratory team elaborates the fixed or removable prostheses that the patient needs to achieve the restoration of his dental arch. The plaster molds are useful in making inlays, crowns, and cobalt chrome appliances, among others.

To achieve an adequate restoration from dental molds it is necessary that the patient's gums are healthy at the time of taking the impression. We invite you to visit our offices where we provide the best dental care.

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