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Can You Ever Regenerate Gum Tissue?

Posted on 6/22/2020 by Dr. Frank K. Sioda
Can You Ever Regenerate Gum Tissue?Gums recession is caused by many things from biology and the foods we eat to serious gum disease. When gums start receding, it can leave a person with sensitive teeth because of an exposed root and can even be more detrimental causing tooth decay due to bacteria in the mouth. If gum recession goes untreated, it can continue leading to more dental problems.

Gum tissue cannot regenerate in the same way the skin on your body can. When you cut or scrape your elbow the body naturally repairs the injury over time, but the gums cannot do this on their own. It is necessary to have medical treatment to fix a receding gum line.

What Methods Can Be Used?

The most effective method to slow gum recession is good oral hygiene. Good dental hygiene can prevent bacterial growth in the mouth that can cause the gums to recede. This is why we always recommend to floss and brush at least two times a day. And while at home care is effective in preventing gum recession, if you are not making frequent six-month visits it will not be enough. This is because flossing and brushing at home is not totally effective at removing the built-on bacteria called plaque.

If gum recession is bad enough, there is a medical procedure that we do which can aid in the removal of bacteria from the mouth. These methods are used in varying degrees depending on the severity of gum recession. One method called flap surgery will require us to create a small incision in the tissue of your gums and remove the bacteria that has gone underneath the gums. Another method implemented for serious cases of gum recession is called gum grafting. Unlike flap surgery, the goal of gum grafting is to recreate a new gun line using tissue from another part of your mouth. However, this tissue is not seen as new gum growth as it comes from a different part of your body instead of being generated by the gums.

If you are currently suffering from a receding gum line, please call our office and schedule an appointment. At your appointment, we can analyze your gum recession and offer the best solution to you.

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