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Do Sonic Toothbrushes Give a Better Clean?

Posted on 5/29/2020 by Dr. Frank K. Sioda
Do Sonic Toothbrushes Give a Better Clean?

When cleaning your teeth every night, it's important to use a solid toothbrush that uses the right features to properly clean the mouth. Over the years, technology has revolutionized and improved the way toothbrushes are made. With the development of electronic brushes and the creation of high-powered Sonic brushes, it has become easier to take care of our own teeth. Sonic toothbrushes are definitely more expensive because of their high-quality design, so the problem is knowing whether the expense is worth it or not.

Are Sonic Toothbrushes Better at Cleaning Teeth Than Traditional Electronic Brushes?

Sonic toothbrushes may be better than manual brushes only because of their speed and genuine capability to speed through each tooth. The question remains if they are better than electronic brushes. Sonic brushes are capable of vibrating at speeds of 260 times per second, which equates to around 28,000-31,000 per minute. This is almost 10x faster than most electronic brushes on the market today. They also usually provide charged water molecules throughout each brush as a cleaning agent, and this is a much more effective way to clean your teeth. Expect a fully refreshed mouth every time you brush. Depending on your specific needs, Sonic brushes can be your best bet for effective cleaning daily. Some people may find it beneficial to go for electric options instead more so because they are less invasive and easier on the gums if you have sensitive teeth, so these brushes can definitely benefit you based on the strength of your teeth.

Your toothbrush can make or break your oral health. Find what works for your teeth, your budget, and your oral hygiene. When you come to one of our dentists, we can make recommendations for your dental needs. Let us help you get your oral health to be the best it can be.
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