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What Could Be Causing Your Tooth Discoloration?

Posted on 1/10/2019 by Dr. Frank K. Sioda
What Could Be Causing Your Tooth Discoloration?Tooth discoloration can cause embarrassment and make you feel very self-conscious about your teeth. You may stop smiling as often or even try to cover your mouth while you talk. There are a number of things that can cause discoloration. In most cases, it's something you have direct control over.

It's Your Food or Drink
One of the most common causes of tooth discoloration is the food or drink you consume. There are a number of different foods that can stain your teeth. Berries, especially those that are blue or red in color, are particularly bad.

While they may taste great and be healthy for you, you do need to remember to brush your teeth as soon as you can after you eat them. But even foods you might assume won't affect the color of your teeth at all, including potatoes and apples, can cause some discoloration.

Drinking wine, coffee, soda, juice, and some teas can also lead to discoloration. Even clear beverages can affect the color of your teeth if they're highly acidic. They can wear away the protective coating of your teeth, making it easier for other foods and drinks to stain them.

Tobacco Use

Using tobacco, including cigarettes and chewing tobacco, also discolors your teeth. There are many other health risks associated with using tobacco products, including oral cancer. Overall, it's simply better to stop using these products.

Diseases and Medical Conditions

There are some medical conditions and diseases that do affect the enamel of your teeth and the dentin under it. If you're pregnant, you may develop a type of infection that actually affects the coloration of your baby's enamel.

Some treatments can also actually lead to discoloration. Chemotherapy for cancer, for example, can discolor teeth. Other medications, including some antibiotics, can also affect tooth color.

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