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Why would I choose cosmetic fillings over amalgam silver fillings?

Posted on 3/1/2014 by Dougie Admin
loose amalgam filling in West Linn, ORFor environmental reasons, we recommend cosmetic fillings, which are considered the greener choice. Cosmetic fillings have already been accepted as the better choice by many countries including Europe, which completely banned the use of amalgam fillings about ten years ago.

As silver fillings age in a tooth, the non-precious metals will rust and stain your teeth internally, creating a darker tooth. This creates a challenge to restore a tooth the deeper the stain penetrates the dentin, but we have new options of materials and color values to mask some of the darker shades very well.

We have all heard about the mercury content in fish and we should try to limit our exposure – not by not eating fish – but by avoiding unnecessary mercury containing products. There are better options available to you, with cosmetic fillings being one example. As a result, we know that the dental industry chooses cosmetic fillings for more reasons than just looks.

Advantages Of Ceramic Fillings

Even though amalgam silver fillings have been around for more than a few decades and have proven to be a good material, technology in dentistry, as in any other field, has improved. Cosmetic ceramic fillings are dentistry’s advancement. Going beyond looks, cosmetic ceramic is a more permanent filling, as well as a more natural and healthier choice for your teeth. I see more dentists using the ceramics in the future, but it is a technique-sensitive material; it does take experience to prepare the teeth and permanently cement the restoration successfully.

I find that the ceramic fillings normally wear from the outside only, versus amalgams and the adjacent tooth interface age with decay (from the inside) as well as wear from the outside. The ceramic will hermetically seal the tooth as a tooth should be. The technology of the composite with the nanotechnology of the small ceramic particles has increased the strength and the durability to match the wear of natural teeth closer then ever.

I, like many of you, had to replace my amalgam silver fillings 15 years ago and I chose ceramic cosmetic fillings for their longevity. They still look and feel great today. Ask your dentist about ceramic cosmetic fillings or call (503) 765-9699 for a no-obligation consultation.
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