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Can I Upgrade My Smile from Traditional Dentures to Implant-Supported Dentures?

Posted on 1/15/2024 by Dr. Frank K. Sioda
Image of a smiling woman after finding out her dental care is affordable at ZenTech Dentistry. The transition from conventional dentures to implant-supported dentures is frequently possible. Many individuals choose to pursue this update to attain improved levels of stability, comfort, and functionality.

Evaluation of Oral Health

The initial stage involves a comprehensive evaluation of your oral health, clearly emphasizing the state of the mandible. To facilitate the fitting of implant-supported dentures, you must possess a jawbone that is both healthy and of adequate size.

The Advantages of Upgrading

Implant-supported dentures include increased stability compared to traditional dentures, resulting in a decreased likelihood of slippage or movement. Implants offer a form of stimulus to the jawbone, modifying bone loss frequently observed in conventional dentures.

These products enhance visual appearance and tactile experience, improving aesthetic appeal and practical utility. Implant-supported dentures have been reported to enhance self-assurance by giving a heightened sense of stability and authenticity.

The Methodology

The procedure is the surgical insertion of implants into the mandibular bone. Following the placement of implants, a time of healing is necessary to facilitate the process of osseointegration, wherein the bone undergoes integration with the implant.

Time and Investment

The duration of the process might span multiple months and is generally accompanied by higher costs than conventional dentures. Nevertheless, the potential advantages over an extended period frequently warrant the financial commitment.

Eligibility and Health Considerations

Not all individuals are suitable candidates for the utilization of implant-supported dentures. Eligibility for specific outcomes can be influenced by factors such as overall health status, bone density levels, and individual lifestyle choices. A meticulous health history will be taken as part of your evaluation.

Engagement in a Specialist Consultation

It is crucial to seek guidance from a dental specialist who specializes in the field of implant dentistry. They can offer tailored advice contingent upon your unique circumstances. The process necessitates meticulous deliberation, a comprehensive assessment of your oral well-being, and a dialogue with our dental specialist to achieve optimal results. Contact our offices today to schedule a consultation.
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